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Everything You Need to Know About Water Heaters

Water heaters are an important part of every home. If you haven’t taken the time to read about how this particular appliance can affect your comfort, we’re here to walk you through it. Before picking a water heater that you know is going to satisfy all of your needs, you must ask yourself a series of questions.

Water heaters come in different shapes and sizes. They also come equipped with features that you can greatly increase their value. For starters, let’s talk about the basic features that you’ll need to consider before purchasing.

Tank Capacity

The first thing you should keep an eye on is the tank capacity of the water heater. For a single person, this isn’t really that much of a concern. If you’re purchasing one for you and your family, however, you should invest in a unit that can accommodate everyone’s needs. Typically, a unit with a tank that’s 40+ gallons should be enough for a family of 3, and you should add 10-15 gallons for each person that’s living in your household.

Fuel Type

It’s pretty easy to decide on which type of fuel you’re going to use for your water heater. First off, pick one that’s available in your home. Propane/gas and electric units are very common, and they’re very efficient. Because the water is stored in a tank, during idle time, the unit will only use energy to keep the water hot. That being said, they do tend to use more energy than tankless water heaters, as the water must be constantly heated and kept at a high temperature.

In terms of fuel, electric models are cheaper than gas models, easier to install and easier to use. Models that use gas/propane need proper ventilation, and can’t be stored next to flammable objects. Gas/propane models are also more efficient in terms of energy consumption, although there are electric models with high-efficiency features.

If you’re interested in installing water heaters, reach out to your local plumbers. You’ll be better off this way since a water heater can bring some risks to you and your family. Risks aside, they’ll also guarantee that the unit is functioning properly.

Tankless vs Tank Water Heaters

Here’s the real question: should you go tank or tankless model? There are benefits to both, so you’ll really have to give it some real thought. Tankless water heaters can provide unlimited hot water. For big families, this will allow you to never run out of hot water, avoiding any sort of frustrations, and you won’t have to invest in tap attachments to get hot water to the sink.

If you don’t have a big budget to operate with, then you can get a unit with a tank. While the initial investment is considerably smaller, utility costs will add up in time. Pick the one that fits your current situation, but the best bet is to go tankless.


Whether you need someone installing your water heaters, or you need other services, like camera line inspection, sewer line repair, and water line repair, your best bet is to go with your local plumbers. Hire professionals and save money in the long run on repairs and maintenance costs.