Before you go about learning how to do sewer pipe repair, you first have to know what kind of piping system your home uses. Today’s piping systems are made of PVC, which is a type of hard and durable plastic. But then, PVCs still break when it is subjected to too much pressure.  

If your sewer pipe breaks, how should you go about it? Would you do the repair job yourself or would you rather call the professionals to handle it for you? The latter is your better option because there’s no question that professional plumbers can provide you with the best possible result.

Professional Sewer Pipe Repair

One of the major concerns of homeowners when it comes to repairing anything faulty around the house is the cost. So when you need professional sewer repair, what you want to know first is the actual cost of the project. But then, not all sewer pipe repair jobs are the same. There are several factors that may affect its cost.  

But before the plumbers can give you a good estimate, they have to know a few things about your plumbing system first. They need to know how far your home from the main street is. Your home’s plumbing system runs from the house trap toward the nearest manhole on the street. The farther down your home is, the more expensive the repair job will be.

Sometimes, the house trap is located not on the yard but in the basement. If that’s the case, then you can expect to pay higher because the plumbers would have to dig through the concrete to get to the pipes. Any other major obstruction from your home to the main sewer line would affect the total price of the project as well.

What the Professionals Would Do

Once you hired a plumbing company to handle the sewer pipe repair project, then you can expect them to start working on it after you signed the contract. They would attempt to find the damaged pipes by checking the areas for damp patches or stinky odors. Once they have a good idea where, then they’ll mark the area and prepare to dig it.

Once they found the faulty pipe, then they’ll prepare to cut it out and put a new one in its place. There are other methods to go about replacing pipes and trenchless pipe repair is among today’s most popular choices.

Planning Sewer Pipe Repair

Sewer line pipes are actually very difficult to repair or replace. Experts require extra planning when going about such a task. If plumbers think that this is a complicated job, then it is definitely not a DIY project. Sometimes, they need to run a camera down the line to find the source of the problem in case there is no physical evidence or clue to start with.

Sewer pipe repair is actually an expensive project. You may expect to pay thousands of dollars just to get it fixed. To save yourself from the trouble, you request for an annual inspection of your sewer lines, which may cost you around $300.

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