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Sewer Line Repair


A Sewer Line Repair Atlanta Company

For the last 25 years, Atlanta Waterlines has been repairing water and sewer lines all over the state. We are the premium provider of sewer line repair in Atlanta after serving over tens of thousands of satisfied clients to date. We have helped almost every home or business owner in Atlanta with their plumbing problems at one point or the other.

Trust us to repair your outdoor and underground drainage systems. We are well-versed in the sewer pipelines of old and new homes in Atlanta. As such, it’s easier for us to assess your plumbing situation, create a solution plan, and execute it swiftly. We can fix all types and kinds of drainage systems.

As experts in sewer line repair in Atlanta, we help homeowners with houses built with their own septic tanks, as well as those that use the city’s main sewer system. Sewer lines can go anywhere from 3 to 25 feet deep, although the median is from 7 to 10 feet. This is our usual working conditions whenever we do sewer repairs in Atlanta. In most of the houses, the sewer line is usually found in the basement, in the crawlspace underneath the home, or right under the slab foundation. Whichever way your home is constructed, we can get your sewer line problems fixed in no time.

Fast and Reliable Sewer Line Repair in Atlanta

Sewer line repair in Atlanta or in any other place or state is a job for the professionals. Sewer lines are very complex and only our experts can fully help you solve all your sewer-related issues. When it comes to these repairs, we don’t cut corners. We know that repairing sewer lines can be really messy, but we’re definitely up for the job.

Atlanta Waterlines repairs sewer lines by extracting the old pipes and replacing it with high-grade PVC. We work our way through this process very meticulously, making sure that every joint is solvent-welded and every pipe is sloped properly.

We’ll also add several maintenance features to your new sewer line, which is essential in keeping the integrity of your plumbing system and ensuring that repair costs remain low. Two cleanout access points will be installed, with one near your home and the other one on the street, near the main sewer line. These access points are going to be helpful in case you need to remove trapped wastes in the pipes in the future. Another good feature we’ll add is the backwater valve, which is to be installed near your home. This will protect your home in case the city’s sewers overflow.

For top quality sewer line repair in Atlanta, we are the professionals that you need. We don’t just know this job very well, but we also have every tool, machine, and device needed to get the project completed fast and in the right way. What’s more, only Atlanta Waterlines can provide you with a 20-year warranty on sewer line repair parts and labor.