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Water Heater Repairs


Professional Water Heater Repair in Atlanta

Atlanta Waterlines provides expert water heater repair services in the entire state. We also offer hot water heater installation and replacement services. Our expertise covers electric, gas, and tankless water heaters. Our technicians can install them in your basement, attic, crawl space, or any other desired spot in your home.

By being Atlanta’s top plumber and water heater installer, we can make sure that your home is as safe, comfortable, and habitable as it should be. We’ll ensure you that there will always be hot water available in your home, especially during the cruel colder months. Talk to us today and make this happen!

Ask us to know what water heater type, size, or design is ideal for your home. We also serve commercial and business clients in Atlanta. We provide over-the-phone consultations and give free estimates. Or you can have us over in your home for an actual site inspection.

When Do You Need Water Heater Repair?

Water heaters eventually get broken and at some point, have to be replaced. If for some reason your water heater suddenly stopped creating enough heat to generate hot water, then it has to be repaired. We highly recommend that you hire a water heater repair expert for the job.

A different set of skills is required for every type of water heater. Gas water heaters are the most common type installed in homes. If this is the kind that you own, then the most common reasons why it’s not working anymore is because it’s having issues with the vent pipes, burner assembly, gas line, or gas control valve. Your water heater expert should be well-versed with these parts to be able to repair the device effectively.

However, if you have an electric water heater, the method of repair is a little bit different. Instead of the parts listed above, the usual culprits are the thermostats and the heating elements. The water heater repair expert you hired will individually check each part to find out what’s faulty and replace them as necessary.

Recently, the tankless water heaters have become very popular. This is because these types don’t require a hot water tank and are much smaller than the two other types. It can be installed practically anywhere and is fairly easy to use. But given these facts, tankless water heaters are usually replaced when it stops working. Minimal repairs can be done.

Our professionals here at Atlanta Waterlines can fix all types of water heaters. For water heater repair services that you can fully trust, hire us. We also provide all other types of plumbing services. Our works come with a full-service guarantee. Call us today to know more.