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Water Line Repair


A Water Line Repair Atlanta Company

When it comes to water lines, we are the experts you need for any job. We specialize in main water line repair in Atlanta, which is the same water line that brings fresh water into your home. We have installed over 60,000 water and sewer lines in the entire state and the same number of clients has been satisfied with our services.

Hire us and we’ll professionally install a water line for your home. From the water meter, we’ll make sure that every pipe installed is durable, clean, and intact. We are so confident with our services, tools, and products that we are giving our clients a 20-year guarantee on our water line services, and that cover parts and labor.

Whenever we do water line repair in Atlanta, we use the product called Black Poly for pipe installation. This is the best option over the different piping materials available today because it performs better. Black Poly is not to be confused with Blue Poly, as the latter is technically a faulty product to start with.

Unlike Blue Poly, Black Poly is not susceptible to cracking and pinhole leaks. Black Poly is also called as the PEX, which is completely flexible to temperature changes. It is also impervious to chlorine and other naturally occurring mineral found in the clean water. Unlike metal pipes, PEX is rust-proof because it is made of tough plastic.

We Provide Quality Water Line Repair in Atlanta

Atlanta Waterlines has over 25 years of experience in delivering quality plumbing services. We have been regarded as the experts in water line repairs after we have successfully provided top-rated installation and replacement services to over 24,000 clients with zero product or service recall. Nobody else can do water line repair in Atlanta like we do.

To provide our clients with optimum services, we combine our vast knowledge in plumbing with the best products and tools available in the market. Our technicians are the experts in installing water lines all over Atlanta, and we can ensure you that we’ll only use the best piping materials for your home. We guarantee that you’ll get an efficient plumbing system that will function for many years. Our rates are fairly affordable because PEX or Black Poly pipes are way cheaper than metal pipes.

What’s more, we won’t tear up your yard or home just to have your water line repaired. We use a method called trenchless pipe repair, which assures minimal to no damage to your property. We use the most advanced pipe boring technology so we don’t have to dig trenches just to get to the faulty pipe in your plumbing system. And if we do have to make a narrow trench for some reason, we guarantee that we’ll leave your home, yard, and property in excellent condition after we’re done with the job.

Hire us and know more about our services. We also do all types of plumbing works, such as sewer line repair, drain cleaning, leak detection, and water heater installation. Atlanta Waterlines covers all of your plumbing needs, especially when it comes to water line repair in Atlanta. Call us today and get a free estimate.