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A Leak Detection Atlanta Company

Leak detection is a very complicated job, especially if you are not using the advanced tools of the trade. Our company is the best in leak detection in Atlanta because we are equipped with all the latest plumbing technologies available. We can find the leaks in your water lines and sewer lines fast and fix them just as quickly.

Atlanta Waterlines has the best team of experts for this particular job. Our well-trained plumbers are highly skilled in leak detection, and they’re using the best equipment available in the industry. When detecting leaks in water lines, it is important that the problem area is determined with perfect accuracy, as it takes a lot of time and effort to break concrete and dig up soil, should these are the repair method of choice.

We use devices equipped with cameras and high-frequency sound and pressure sensors to detect leaks within the pipes. Our devices are so sensitive that it can detect tiny pinholes and splits in the piping, which can cause a difference in water pressure. There’s usually no noise in the water pipes when water is not used by faucets or washing machines. Using our leak detection devices, we can detect the presence of these noises and locate their exact source.

Our devices are so powerful that we can pinpoint leaks within 4 inches of its actual location. We can also detect multiple leaks at once. If you want professional leak detection in Atlanta, we are the company to hire.

Why You Need Professional Leak Detection in Atlanta

Small leaks are usually the start of a more complicated plumbing problem. If you suspect a leak in your water or sewer lines, call a professional right away. Repairing one leak is a lot cheaper than having to replace the entire pipe, should the inevitable occur.

Leaks may also cause higher water consumption costs. Water lost along the pipes is water usage charged to your bill. But more than that, you’re actually wasting very important resources by simply neglecting those small leaks in the pipeline.

Leaks may also possibly cause contamination of the water source. So regardless if it’s the water line or the sewer line that has a leak, it has to be fixed fast. Otherwise, you could be endangering the health of your entire family.

For accurate leak detection in Atlanta, hire us. We can assure you that our quality services come at reasonable rates. Atlanta Waterlines also includes a 12-month warranty on all repair works, except for polybutylene repairs. We’ll also help you charge the cost of repairs against your home insurance if that’s applicable.  

Atlanta Waterlines provides same-day and emergency services in most cities. If you want to check if there’s a leak in your pipes, call us. We’ll get our truck and devices ready to accomplish the job. Aside from providing leak detection in Atlanta, we also offer a wide range of plumbing services that include drain cleaning, water line installation, sewer line repair, trenchless pipe replacement, and water heater repair. Call us to know more.

Our Company offers quick reliable plumbing and sewer line repair service the Atlanta area 24/7. When you hire one of our licensed and insured Atlanta plumbers into your home, you will know they will be there on time and will give your home the respect it deserves. Fast, 24-hour plumber service When you call on Atlanta Water Lines, our plumbing repair service will take care of you. With our professional Atlanta plumbers you can always expect:

Plumbing products and service warranties
Drop cloths used on every job
Shoe covers worn in your home and business
Quality workmanship at a fair price
State licensed, Trusted, and Certified plumbers
To be 100% satisfied, guaranteed
We clean up when finished

Our Company handles in all types of plumbing services. Our certified plumbers also are experts in trenchless pipe repair. Get a hold of us today so we can assist of you.